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Get to know MaxPro

MAXPRO is a portable workout solution that includes a resistance training device and app with a large workout library. Partners of the company include Shaquille O’neal and SharkTank legend, Mark Cuban. The resistance training device allows you to work out with up to 300lbs of resistance, using a product that weighs only 10lbs and can fit in your suitcase.

Challenges for growth

This quickly growing company needed consistent emails to 1. Convert new subscribers into customers, and 2. Keep existing customers engaged through valuable and educational email content and convert them into app users, too.

Taking action

We worked with the MAXPRO team to devise an email marketing calendar that works smarter. The goal was to effectively engage two completely different audiences to increase monthly revenue, resulting in an even more loyal customer base. We created broadcast email templates for existing customer Weekly Workouts and Challenges in addition to new promotional and educational emails to steadily convert non-purchasers each week. We capitalized on huge partnerships with Shaq and Mark Cuban (during the premiere of the MAXPRO Shark Tank episode) to establish legitimacy and quickly convert huge influxes of new subscribers.

Results driven for success

We’ve pushed a very high conversion rate within the first 30 days of subscribers and helped generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in email-attributed revenue each month. MAXPRO continues to gain ~2,000 new subscribers each month. Within the first 30 days, email open rates have grown to 62%+, and AOV is over $920. We’ve maximized the revenue around key events such as Shark Tank airing and Shaq’s partnership to funnel new subscribers through key campaigns focused on new conversions. Once a subscriber becomes a customer/MAXPRO user, they continue to engage consistently with email marketing through weekly workouts and accessory upsells. Weekly broadcast emails to existing MAXPRO users average an open rate of 47%+.

2023 data:
  • 3.9% Click through rate on automations

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