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It’s the end of another year—2022 has come and gone! It’s brought with it many new updates and best practices in the digital marketing world. The truth is, every year comes with its own unique events, styles, and trends. Some years are better for certain marketing platforms than others, just like jean styles (we’re looking at you, skinny jeans).

But, unlike your denim pants, what’s popular in digital marketing has the potential to drastically change markets and consumer scenarios. That’s why keeping up with the latest news and shifts across the online marketing spectrum is imperative. 

However, having the time or knowledge to dive deep into what’s coming up next in the digital marketing world can be difficult. Luckily for you, we’ve already done the research and we are going to share it with you now. Here are the next biggest Digital Marketing Trends for 2023 in SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing.

SEO Trends

SEO, or search engine optimization, is digital marketing based on improving your website and content offerings for your domain to increase search traffic and purchases. It’s the biggest part of digital marketing and will continue to grow and change throughout the coming years. With that being said, here are the SEO trends we’re expecting to see in the year 2023!

  • The demand for SEO jobs has been steadily increasing since the internet became big around 2004. However, search results for the term “SEO jobs” decreased during the last year. Because of this, we shouldn’t see any crazy spikes, but we will continue to see consistent overall growth throughout 2023 and on.
Chart showing the trend for SEO jobs from 2004-2022
A chart showing the interest in SEO jobs from 2021-2022
  • More and more people are looking up “SEO” to learn about it, and searches are at an all-time high! This is expected to carry on in 2023.
A chart showing searches for SEO from 2004-2022
  • We are going to see a huge rise in user-focused content, following Google’s “helpful content update” in August of 2022. This will include many SEO and content specialists doubling down to ensure the things appearing on search results are original and helpful, or “by people for people.”
  • Backlinks are going to be a huge deal in 2023, with a special emphasis on those from high-authority ranking sites. Make sure you’ve got your linking brains turned on, although this isn’t the only thing you should be focusing on.
  • Relevant keywords are quickly becoming a major factor in SEO, and we’re expecting them to explode in 2023. Google is using relevant keywords to decide which search results a website will appear on. For example, keywords including “best” will pull up blogs, while keywords like “buy” will pull up products.
  • Although a lot of these trends are content-focused, technical SEO is not expected to decrease in importance at all over the next year. Your site will naturally bring in organic leads that last longer if it’s an attractive interface with minimal technical issues.

Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing is the process of marketing to someone through newsletters or promotional messages shared over email and messaging platforms. This part of digital marketing is especially important because it helps you build trust with customers and reach out to them instead of letting them come to you. 2023 will showcase many important shifts in email marketing trends, so let’s dive deeper and find out what they are. 

  • Email marketing searches have stayed steady over the past few years, but overall, they are projected to stay relevant well into the future.
The trend for email marketing searches for the past five years
  • Email marketing jobs have experienced many fluctuations in the past but are expected to continue growing throughout 2023 because of all-time highs during 2022.
The demand for email marketing jobs since 2018
  • The extension of holiday sales, specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM), is one trend we’ll see with email marketing in 2023. These promotions are going to spread out over a month instead of just one week.
  • Segmentation and deliverability are becoming huge deals for success, rather than blasting your whole email list every week.
  • There will be huge updates with ESPs (email service providers) in 2023 for design, emphasizing the growing importance of deliverables that look enticing and high-tech.
  • Email marketing will continue moving toward being 100% mobile, due to the addition of SMS marketing as a factor and email apps over the years. 
  • 2023 will see a movement of email success measurements from open rates to CTRs, due to security measures implemented by mobile phone companies (Apple specifically with iOS 15).
  • SMS marketing is predicted to blow up throughout the next year because asking for phone numbers is a lot easier than emails, and you have more access to the customer.

Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media marketing is the newest form of digital marketing and also the one most targeted toward the younger generations. Many companies have chosen to build profiles on major platforms in recent years to build awareness and widen their target audience. 2023 may be the “year of social media” as these companies make leaps and bounds toward building markets for their respective platforms.

Social media has a notoriously short attention span, jumping from fad to fad faster than most digital marketers can keep up. However, we can expect overarching themes that will make a difference throughout the whole year. So, here are the social media marketing trends we’re going to see in 2023:

  • Interest in social media marketing has been growing significantly since it was invented, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. It is currently at an all-time high and 2023 will see continued marketable growth across most social media platforms as more and more people join online communities.
interest in social media marketing over the past five years
  • Jobs in social media are going to be in high demand and high supply in 2023. After a huge jump in early 2022, Utah is currently ranking #2 for social media jobs in the United States, following the District of Columbia.
U.S. states ranked in order of interest in social media marketing jobs
Interest in social media marketing jobs since 2017
  • Influencer marketing is expected to be a large part of social media marketing over the next year and will likely finally recover from a big dive in popularity during COVID-19.
influencer marketing popularity for the past five years
  • Facebook marketing has been trending down for a while, and 2023 will see many companies moving to platforms with higher percentages of young adults, like TikTok and Instagram.
Facebook marketing popularity since 2017
  • Linkedin marketing made new records in 2022, but the platform will continue to see growth in the next year and beyond.
LinkedIn marketing numbers for the past five years
  • Instagram and Twitter have both been fairly consistent over the past five years, but 2023 trends in social media suggest that Instagram will become a much bigger deal and Twitter will take a dive in influence.
Instagram and Twitter marketing numbers compared for the past five years
  • TikTok, the newest pillar of social media, is exploding with untapped marketing potential. This will be no different in 2023. TikTok will just keep getting bigger and better.
Tiktok marketing numbers since its founding
  • Shopping is another major trend that will occur in social media marketing in 2023. The Facebook marketplace has been around for a long time, but Instagram only released its new in-app shopping feature this last year. TikTok is also rumored to be working on its own fulfillment platform that will change the game in 2023.

2023 With Arvo Marketing

As shown by the data, digital marketing trends will continue to change and evolve over the years. However, digital marketing itself isn’t going anywhere. We truly are part of the digital age, and embracing it is the best thing you can do for the success of your business.

At Arvo, we analyze and use the best up-to-date information to create customer satisfaction and give businesses an edge over their competition. If you want to start building your digital marketing, contact Arvo to start today!

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