February SMS & Email Marketing Ideas 

Madison Grover

VP of Email Marketing at Arvo Digital

Email Marketing and SMS Ideas for February!

Creating engaging and effective email marketing campaigns in February can be a lot of fun if you are utilizing the month’s unique events and holidays. Here are some common holidays, as well as some unique February holidays and ideas for your email marketing strategy:

Black History Month: Celebrate Black History Month by sending informative and respectful emails that honor this important observance. You can include historical facts, feature stories of notable figures, or showcase products from Black-owned businesses.

Lunar New Year (February 10th in 2024): Across the globe, over 2 Billion people celebrate Lunar New Year, and 2/10/2024 marks the beginning of the Year of the Wood Dragon! This is another great time to celebrate new beginnings, goals, habits, & healthy practices. Perfect for wellness brands & global companies to join customers in a fresh restart.

Mardi Gras (February 13th in 2024): Capitalize on the festive spirit of Mardi Gras with vibrant, colorful emails. You could offer special discounts or showcase products related to the celebration.

Super Bowl Sunday (February 11th in 2024): This is a big event for many people, so consider a themed promotion or sale. Highlight relevant products or services, larger bundles or catering, or simply join in the excitement with football-themed content.

Valentine’s Day (Always on February 14th): While this is a well-known holiday, think beyond the typical romantic angle. Offer gift ideas for friends and family, or promote self-love and self-care products. Don’t forget the single girlies like to celebrate “Galentines Day” on February 13th!

Here are a few examples we provided for our clients!

Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17th): Encourage a sense of community and caring among your subscribers. You could offer a special discount or freebie as your act of kindness, or inspire your audience to perform their own acts of kindness.

Groundhog Day (February 2nd): This quirky holiday can be a fun theme for a sale or special promotion. For instance, you could offer a “shadow” discount if the groundhog sees its shadow.

No Politics Day (February 20th): Use this day to take a break from serious topics and engage your audience with light-hearted content, maybe even a fun quiz or game.

Cancer Awareness Month / National Cancer Prevention Month: Show your support for cancer awareness with themed promotions or informative content. Consider partnering with a charity and donating a portion of your sales. Careful not to “pink-wash” your content just to drive sales. 

Presidents Day (February 19th): Use this federal holiday for a themed sale or promotion. You could also create content around leadership and inspiration. Your competitors will likely be running some type of long weekend promotion, so don’t let this one get away from you!

Here are a few examples from our clients!

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (February 3rd in 2024): A playful and unexpected theme, this could be a fun way to engage your audience, especially if you’re in the food and beverage industry. Unique days like this are also less busy email/sms marketing days which can make your content stand out.

Love Your Pet Day (February 20th): A great opportunity for businesses in the pet industry or for any business to showcase their team’s pets and encourage customer engagement. If you’re not a pet owner, you might  be surprised how much buzz & dog pictures these types of holidays drum up online.

Make a Friend Day (February 11th): Use this day to encourage referrals or to promote your social media profiles, urging your audience to connect with you.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this February collection of email marketing ideas! Did we miss any important February events?

If you’re eager to dive deeper and explore how these strategies can be tailored to fit your unique goals, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s connect and discuss how we can transform your email marketing dreams into impactful realities. Your goals are our passion, and together, we can craft an email marketing plan that not only resonates with your audience but also drives your business forward. Contact us today, and let’s start a conversation that could redefine your email marketing success.

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