The New Brand: Arvo

Arvo Digital

SEO Specialist

We hope you have been enjoying the holidays. We wanted to provide you with an important update from our company, as we head into the new year.

As of January 2023, Pouch will be officially merging with Barby NFT (crypto, nft marketing agency), as well as Bombora (design, website, maintenance, and conversion rate optimization). We are thrilled to announce this merger, as it will enable us to provide a wider range of services to our clients, bringing numerous benefits.

As part of the merger, we have also made the decision to change the name of our agency and roll out new branding that more accurately showcases the services we provide, as well as the exceptional work we’ve done for our clients over the years. The new name we’ve chosen is Arvo Digital. We’re excited to share more about this new branding with you in the new year.

Our new site and new branding can be found here. As an agency, we are excited about embarking on this next stage, and the opportunity to offer more to our clients.

If you have any questions about this announcement, please let us know!

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